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Freeman Ridge Trailworks

We are excited to introduce a new division of FRBP, Freeman Ridge Trailworks, LLC. Freeman Ridge Trailworks is a full service mountain bike trail building company, under the direction of FRBP owner/operator Spencer Lee.

Our Services

  • Idea Generation

  • Rough Surveying

  • Concept Planning

  • Trail Design and Layout

  • Corridor Flagging and Cutting

  • Excavation 

  • Feature Design and Construction

  • Hand finish work

  • Naturalizing 

  • Maintenance 

Our Experience

In addition to designing and building the entirety of Freeman Ridge Bike Park, we have built trails professionally for 10 years. We got our start building trails in friend's backyards, and have since built trails for private clients, the Green Mountain Club of Vermont, the State of Alaska, and spent the last 6 years as the lead excavator operator for the Carrabassett Valley Trails trail crew. We have over 5000 hours of trail building experience, and have taken numerous large projects from start to finish. In Carrabassett Valley, we have built the Newton's Revenge single track reroutes, Hurricane Knoll, the Bear Trail, Par 3, Kitty Hawk and Floating Pine, Goldenrod and parts of the Grassy Loops, China Cat, and all of the current work to date on the Stoney Brook project. The varied terrain, building styles, and different project goals have given us a diverse and unique skill set and broad knowledge of different trail building techniques.

Do you have a trail project in mind? We would love to hear about it. We're happy to explore any size project. 

Get in touch!

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