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About Us

FRBP is a professionally built and signed mountain bike trail network in Freeman Township, Maine. We are open to the public, and offer daily and seasonal access passes. Please see our Rates and Hours.

We have approximately 5 miles of purpose built single track trail open for riders, and have trails for all ability levels. The majority of our trail is machine built flow trail with berms, jumps, drops and other features found throughout the network.

Our trails are gravity based and progression oriented and are set up in a lap style fashion with dedicated climbing trails and numerous directional downhills.

Please check out Our Trails for more information.

We are committed to offering more beginner and kid’s trails as we develop more terrain for riders of all abilities in the coming years. We are also committed to developing kids programs, establishing a local race series, and supporting and growing the mountain bike community and opportunities here in Western Maine.


We are grateful for your patronage. We sincerely hope you enjoy and HAVE FUN!


Besides our trail network, our current facilities include a parking area, a kiosk, signage and maps, restrooms, waste receptacles, and picnic areas for guests. We are excited to now operate out of our new permanent trailhead building that has a restroom and ticket window with information and retail items. Guests are also able to use 2 changing rooms built in the shed in the parking lot. 

Freeman Ridge Bike Park Ethos:


To provide a source of carbon sequestration through the upkeep and maintenance of a healthy, working forest


To provide an outlet for people to connect with and immerse in the natural world


To provide a network of sustainably built mountain bike trails that emphasize fun and attainable progression


To be good stewards of the land and to be good neighbors


To support the local economy through job creation, the patronage of local vendors, and attraction of people to the area


To provide a community gathering place and to act as an extension of the growing and evolving mountain bike scene in Franklin County and the greater state of Maine

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